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Yes, absolutely! There are two ways to do it. 1) contact us and tell us the name and phone number and address of your local store so we can contact them. 2) Go to your local store and request they start carrying us. You can direct them to our website www.lostcoastplantprotector.ca to contact us. 

Yes. We recommend use 1 day a week, or 2-3 times a month for preventative care on your plants. Remember, this product works by having contact with insects or disease to control it. Using it as a preventative will wash off the soft body insects and mold spores it comes into contact with, that you can’t easily see. It cannot stop the insects and disease from coming into your garden. It can help with minimizing their presence once they arrive, and minimize their ability to take hold.

Read your bottle label and follow the directions before use.  

There is not one absolute answer to this question. Our product works to wash away soft body insects and disease on contact and begin reducing the stress load on your plants because of the insect or disease presence. If our product does not have contact with the target insect or mold and fungus it can’t control it. Thorough application is important. Take your time and completely saturate your plants.  

It is very hard to burn or stress plants with our product. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to burning below are the only ones we know of related to our product:  

Do not apply Lost Coast Plant Protector in high heat (80 degrees or higher) or mid day high heat. Even plain water can burn plants if applied during high heat and direct sun.

We suggest you water your plants hours, or the day before use of Lost Coast Plant Protector. Dried out and wilting plant will not be happy with anyting you apply as a foliar.

Make sure your sprayer/applicator line is clear of old product or other people’s product. Residue of other products can burn your plants. Mixing out product with other people’s products can have unknown interactions, so we do not guarantee what mixing our product with other products will do.  

Our product separates, so if you spray without mixing you can get a high dose of one ingredient. Always mix well before and during application.

Please always follow directions on your label. Although our product is completely non-toxic, common sense caution applies.

Use when temperature is 80 degrees or less and apply in low light, early morning or evening.  

We like mornings best, as the plants have not yet been stressed by heat or light. This is when they still have moisture in the leaves and flower.

Ideally use during growth phase.

With good preventative measures you will not need to use during flowering or fruiting phase.

When needed, you can use our product at any stage of growing up until the day of harvest.

Follow the directions on your bottle. Heavy infestations require diligent and thorough application of our product. You will want to apply every day for 3-5 days. It depends on the lifecycle of the insect you are battling.

For heavy infestations, you can also add 1oz of any percentage isopropyl alcohol per gallon to the normal 1oz of Lost Coast Plant Protector per gallon of water for soil drench or foliar spraying.

4 year shelf life if stored in cool dark place, with the lid tightly sealed.

The product can last up to three weeks once mixed with water. The mixture needs to be stored in a cool dry place, with a tightly sealed lid. No open containers.

When using again later, you need to shake very well, clear the lines of your sprayer, then shake again during use.

Yes it can! Just add 1oz of our concentrate to 1 gallon of water, same ratio as for spraying.  

For very stubborn infestations in the soil, you can also increase to 2oz of concentrate per gallon, and add an additional 1 oz of isopropyl alcohol.

We suggest you water your plants the day before use of Lost Coast Plant Protector. Do not use as a soil drench if your soil is completely dried out. Water first, then apply as a soil drench.

ALWAYS test new methods or amounts on a single plant first.

Some plants are more sensitive to use as a soil drench.

Our product does not kill ladybugs or wasps! It is also safe for bees and praying mantis.

Our product is safe for all hard body insects.

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